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Film-Screening „Ka Bodyscapes“

Film-Screening des lange Zeit in Indien zensierten Films „Ka Bodyscapes“ mit xXx-Tina Agorilla Gelecktika Cruisella d’Evil in Kooperation mit dem Queerfeministischen Schwulenreferat.

Der Film ist in Malayalam mit englischen Untertiteln; mit kurzer Einführung und anschließender Diskussion.

Film „Ka Bodyscapes“
India 2016
Malayalam, English subtitles
Director: Jayan Cherian
Starring: Kannan Rajesh, Jason Chacko, Naseera and others

Although produced in 2016, the film hasn’t been screened in India before October 2018. Initially censored by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) – because it „glorified homosexuality“ -, a courtcase was finally won in 2017 that led to the first screening in India this October.

The cast of the film mainly consists of actual activists and non-professional actors*actresses. Their life stories were incorporated into the plot, making it an authentic feature film about the daily struggles of activists, queers and women* in India.

Synopsis (taken from http://www.kabodyscapes.com):
Three young people, Haris, a gay painter; Vishnu, a rural kabaddi player, and their friend Sia, an activist who refuse to conform to dominant norms of femininity, struggle to find space and happiness in a conservative Indian City.
Haris, a talented but struggling painter, prepares for his first solo exhibition, he persuades Vishnu, the object of his desire, to join him in the city. Vishnu is fully within the grip of his conservative Hindu family, which limits his choices. But he joins Haris and stays with him in his tiny rented apartment as a reluctant yet willing lover and model.
Sia, a white-collar worker in an export firm, struggles both at home and at work. At home, she battles the misogynist restrictions, her conservative Muslim relatives impose on her, at work, she questions the violent and humiliating labor controls, and the dehumanizing surveillance and she protest against the misogynist punishments meted out to menstruating women workers. Each of these defiant acts provokes severe punishment and for these young people, it marks the entry into adulthood in a challenging world.